Rendering Update

Previously on the Shopium News:

enter image description here We're currently trying to render with colors. Stay tuned!

When you last heard about us experimenting with renders, we couldn't get colors or anything, and rendering was 100% manual, but that's soon to be 0%. We are now able to render clothes, t-shirts, faces, colors, and (if there's no shirt equipped, studs as well) all from URL parameters. The only limitations, currently, are that the images must be in the RCCService content folder, and that RCCService is being manually hosted on our PCs. We're still figuring some stuff out and we're working to bypass these limitations.

Sneak peeks of Shopium renders:

V3 Sneak Peek

V3 Sneak Peek

Heres some launcher sneak peeks (dont tell baguette lol), just to bring back the hope, the design may change later, more features and stuff will be added later